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02-17-2013, 06:09 PM
If they are giving it 5 forward facing guns, one possibly way they could balance it would be to use a dirty trick and make some of the default guns fused, like the modules in the temporal ambassador mission.

5x DHC in the front arc would indeed be pretty broken.

But if the ship comes with a fused beam array and a fused photon torpedo launcher, then that mitigates some of the potential damage.

Another possibility is it's 5x fore and 0x aft. No cutting beam and no turrets would probably keep the total dps reasonable.

Maybe some combination. Fused beam array, fused torp, and only 1 or maybe 2 aft weapons.

Either way, we don't know anything till they release stats. It might not have 5x fore weapons. It might have them but only 2 tac consoles. Or a turn rate of 3. Or less hull/shielding than a shuttle. We really know nothing at this point.