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Well there are missions in Tau Dewa (Acamar) that are made easier if you have rank 5 diplo or marauder. Also there is that one Accolade for "Mine Enemy" that you can only get if you have rank 5 Diplomacy.

So it does have some effect on the game.
I believe it also helps with the diplomacy scene in The 2800 by giving you an option to navigate the dialogs. And I think it allows you to talk your way past the security in 23rd century Drozana.

But there needs to be more of that outside of the FEs. Even your Romulan rep should have some effect in those sectors. Make the Tal Shiar more aggressive even since they want bragging rights for destroying you.

Have the vendors give you a better deal.

Probably a massive under-taking since it'd require code being added to long established missions. And the resulting bugs will probably have your away team using sticks and stones.
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