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02-17-2013, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by warbird001 View Post
No, Art is not my thing... to much hassle for no real point.

Plus, I didn't say I was going to ignore you advice. I said, I don't want to become a Foundry Elitist because I'm not God's gift to Star Trek like a lot of people think they are.
I'm not an elitist, I've got one finished mission and that's it. But just because it's finished right now doesn't mean I'm not prepared to rework it if people tell me ways it can be improved.

I'll make you an offer, reupload your mission, I know that PrimetimeUGC was getting ready to review it when you pulled it so they'll most likely play it and I'll give it a proper playthrough and offer my advice on how to improve it.

Just be aware that the review window isn't really enough to offer advice on improving, your best bet is to approach those who leave short reviews and ask why they felt that way, and don't let one review by a Community Moderator stop you, if you do improve and promote your mission well then it'll be lost under an avalanche of good reviews.