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02-17-2013, 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I don't have any issues with that direction.

I like the improvements made to some of the fleet ships, and I think they need to tweak more of the fleet ships across the board.

The lockbox ships would always likely have some advantage, but hopefully not to the point that iconic faction ships are "obsolete"**

**(obsolete from a pure min/max pvp viewpoint - for pve the JHAS advantages are largely irrelevant, the Recluse is all but pointless to use from a performance standpoint and the Vesta is easily a better ship to use than the Wells - on top of this a Tac focused Ody is one of, if not the best, damage capable Fed Cruisers for STFs).
Honestly my biggest problem with the lockbox ships is that they are so dramatically over-represented. When I left before there were just a few of them floating around, but now it seems like I have the only Starfleet or KDF ship wherever I am.

You're right about the JHAS not having any real advantage for PvE, though in PvE the general 'escort' advantage is a lot more important. Neither healing or control is anything near as important in PvE as they are in PvP, so any ship that's not an escort takes away from the team.

And if I wasn't feeling bad enough about the game, right now I can't play 3 of my characters because of that bug where every freaking time I fire all my abilities get locked out for 2 minutes. If Cryptic can't get the basics, it's not surprising that they ignore things that are genuinely hard, like balance.