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Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
This will probably never be seen by dstahl or anyone else... and if it is, it will likely be disregarded as coming from the "Stupid Customer, Doesn't Know Anything" mentality. (Yes, I know what that is myself, I used to apply the same mental classification to customers too).

Here's an idea.

The problem is that small fleets are struggling - but the only reason why they haven't left their existing fleet to join a "super-fleet" is because they are tied to their RP or language/country fleet.

Someone else said "Why don't we be able to merge fleets". This is a good idea, but the problem is that there will be too many fleets. However, this provides the basis for my proposal.

How about this.

Have the ability for a player to be able to join a maximum of three fleets; however, only one fleet can be set to "primary" fleet.

A person's primary fleet is simply that - the primary. No changes to the fleet system for that person's primary fleet will occur.

Secondary/tertiary fleets will be different. A player CANNOT buy equipment or supplies from secondary or tertiary fleets, but are still able to contribute resources to fleet projects and be able to visit fleet starbases and embassies.

It's not a perfect solution, but it works.

Take no offense but I think you are missing the whole thread line here.

so basicaly what you are suggesting is to multiply the amount of items grinding by a X factor, depending on how many X fleets you join and contribute to? xD

How to say ... Thanks but no thanks
It totally goes against the whole thread wich is :

Too much grind; not enough FUN

Beeing able to join more fleets will result in even more grind and won't solve anything
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