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02-17-2013, 07:42 PM
Best quote that describes this situation...

"Its all going to end now, isn't it? You are going to destroy this world and start a new one. What is the use of me continuing to defend a doomed planet? Can you see the sense in that?" ~ Julian

"No" ~ Sisko (as Noah)

"No. I am an intelligence agent. And, if there is any one thing I have learned, it is there comes a point... when the odds are against you, and there is no reasonable course of action but to quit.

How do you think I managed to stay alive for so long, when all of my compatriots are dead? It is because I have always known when to quit and walk away." ~ Julian

(Deep Space Nine - "Our Man Bashire")

Perhaps that is something that needs to be considered? If Cryptic is not creating something that is entertaining, I can see only one other viable option. Find another game to play.

"Star Trek: Online" will not be the last game, which carries the name "Star Trek". Within five to ten years from now, I bet there will be another MMO based upon "Star Trek".


As we all know from experience, not every aspect of "Star Trek" is considered successful. Sometimes you have to call a spade 'a spade', so that you can move on to something else.

Something to think about.

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