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02-17-2013, 08:43 PM
I don't fault them for removing Fleet Marks from non-Fleet activities.

I DO fault them for removing Fleet Marks, and not replacing them with an equivalent elsewhere. At the least, all existing "Fleet Events" and "Fleet Actions" should've been given a substantial amount of Fleet Marks as rewards. For that matter, ALL group content (including PVP and STFs) should be given an optional Fleet Mark reward as well.

These Fleet Marks should've been added to the game at the same time as removing them from the Foundry wrapper. It is UNACCEPTABLE to delay adding additional Fleet Marks elsewhere for several days or even weeks. And Mr Stahl suggests we may have to wait several MONTHS ??? That is sooo beyond unacceptable, it just isn't funny anymore.

Season 7 has done alot of rebalancing of where you get various rewards. And not always for the better either. The changes have been made with ZERO community input, before making the changes. And look at all the negative backlash that has been created as a result? First it was the Season 7 Dilithium fiasco, now this... What's next? A response, Mr Stahl?