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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
It would be smart if the Foundry team could implement somekind of system that could handle these 1-star "attacks". I've seen some foundry authors get some pretty........well lets just say unconstructive feedback.

While CSR has their hands full, perhaps a flagging system is put into place that if a person has 3 or more unconstructive feedbacks, they would be locked out of the feedback system for a duration of time, and maybe go to extremes like being locked out of the Foundry altogether after repeated offenses.

Furthermore, I imagine most of these unconstructive 1-star ratings is done by players who purposely drop the mission even at the very beginning in a type of trolling or "1-star sabotaging".

So to prevent this, might I suggest to the Foundry team that if a mission is dropped before completion, the Ratiing and Feedback system is disabled. But for those people who legitimately dropped the mission due to a bug, a Bug Report option is available as an option next to the TOS / EULA report, that players could tell the Foundry author what happened. And the Author wouldn't have to get 1-stard for a Foundry glitch.

And if abusers decide to use that bug report system to attack the author with unconstructive feedback, the author would have an button to report the questionable feedback to CSR.
I again will post what I did earlier: I released a testing version of a mission I last worked on two months ago. I've gotten a 1-star review for "Really should list it as a Ground Only match"... when it's an ALPHA. Really ticks me off sometimes.

In regards to CS, quite frankly I feel they are understaffed and don't have the tools to do what they need to do. And that's PWE's fault, for not hiring enough people.

Now, locking people out of the Foundry is ridiculous. Remember that whole "Foundry War" thing? People will get reported left and right, and pretty soon, no one will be able to play Foundry missions, resulting in the failure of the Foundry due to no new content (no one's gonna play 'em!), resulting in dstahl announcing further changes... you see where I'm going with this.

The method I proposed in post #2 is the best proposal thus far. People abuse the Bug Report function too. Only "Report Comment to GM" has any chance of success in removing negative garbage feedback.

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