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Best quote that describes this situation...

"Its all going to end now, isn't it? You are going to destroy this world and start a new one. What is the use of me continuing to defend a doomed planet? Can you see the sense in that?" ~ Julian

"No" ~ Sisko (as Noah)

"No. I am an intelligence agent. And, if there is any one thing I have learned, it is there comes a point... when the odds are against you, and there is no reasonable course of action but to quit.

How do you think I managed to stay alive for so long, when all of my compatriots are dead? It is because I have always known when to quit and walk away." ~ Julian

(Deep Space Nine - "Our Man Bashire")

Perhaps that is something that needs to be considered? If Cryptic is not creating something that is entertaining, I can see only one other viable option. Find another game to play.

"Star Trek: Online" will not be the last game, which carries the name "Star Trek". Within five to ten years from now, I bet there will be another MMO based upon "Star Trek".


As we all know from experience, not every aspect of "Star Trek" is considered successful. Sometimes you have to call a spade 'a spade', so that you can move on to something else.

Something to think about.
I'm going to point out here that Bashir proceeded to nuked the world (well technically he death-rayed the world, but that's neither here nor there) in order to save his fleet-mates in that episode. He didn't walk away or quit (the line is a play on a conversation he had earlier with Garrack), he took a tack that nobody expected, and ended up winning.