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02-17-2013, 08:04 PM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Someone else said "Why don't we be able to merge fleets". This is a good idea, but the problem is that there will be too many fleets. However, this provides the basis for my proposal.

How about this.

Have the ability for a player to be able to join a maximum of three fleets; however, only one fleet can be set to "primary" fleet.
Aside from stated and obvious problems with that idea, it just wouldn't work. The reason I am not in Mega Fleet X is none of those reasons and a fair portion of small fleets are there for similar reasons. Politics, friends, family.

I was in Mega Fleet X, 500 members. I donated some across my alts but my main place in the fleet was to help build the fleet through training new captains, ship builds and captain specs. This could not be measured with the 'Leaderboard' in fleet donation so I was demoted when the fleet leader went on a demotion parade (tirade?).

I was there BEFORE the leader joined the fleet (we started fleet because of 'political' issues from previous fleet) and we gave him fleet control believing he will lead us as before. That was a wrong assumption.

I will NEVER be part of a fleet that isn't comprised of people like minded. I do NOT want to be in Mega Fleet X. I do NOT want to give up my identity (nor expect someone else to) and join/merge with their fleet. I will NOT give up my identity to be a faceless number in someones else's vision for a fleet. Fleet mergers are NOT the answer, forced or otherwise.

Again the fleet mark/star base issues aren't the prominent concern in this thread. Yes this thread may have started with that topic, but having read every post, the main concern is the forced grind and lack of fresh content. For a game that is three years old it still has a pitiful amount of content.

Changes brought about with S7 have changed working content to forced grind. Borg space weapons were NOT removed because they failed to work. On the contrary I have seen them work perfectly. They were removed because they didn't work in minor instances (Assimilated KDF Ships and Borg gates) and they were too easy to acquire. I personally would rather have a weapon that works 90% of the time than no weapon at all.

Anyway...Power to the people! Keep up The Good Fight!

(Guess I should figure out how to do a sig. I have never been so passionate about an idea to post on any forum so personal sigs have never been a concern.)