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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Yep. Remember pre-F2P when cruisers were the highest dps dealers because of their large amount of weaponry... and when they were so damn hard to kill that 3 to 4 escorts could pummel it all day and not dent it... unless one of those escorts wisened up and focused on one shield facing only and THEN the cruiser's survivability suffered? When a sci ship's presence made it the prime target for both cruisers and escorts due to its ability to shut them down and leave them vulnerable to anyone?

Yeah... when the game was balanced and escorts were really potent IF flown according to their hit&run role.

Not now though. pewpewmonetizedpewpew
You mean when beams didnt miss most times, BFaw was the second better Beam OVerload used by spiraling packs of zombie cruisers? Or the time when SNB spamming scicorts ruled ?

I found those particular periods no more balanced than we have now, just different bugs and mechanics being exploited differently.
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