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02-17-2013, 08:17 PM
Keep the faith Comrades!

I didn't play one second of Star Trek online this weekend either. I downloaded Lord of the Rings online instead, on a lark, and love it so far. Old Republic is still going to take another 2 days (at least) to download, really wish Bioware would put it on steam.

And wow, I'm having fun playing a game again! Really almost all my complaints about STO don't exist there, things run smoothly, there's no grind, there's a story, and a soul, things aren't half broken, and unfinished. It really hits home how much better a game then this Roddenberry's legacy deserves.

But you know what? I'd still rather being playing Star Trek Online.

When I logged out a few days ago, my hope was that a week at most would go by, and they would correct this grievous mistake they have made, and I'd come back to STO like nothing ever happened, and go back to grinding merrily away until May.

Now though, I don't know. I'm really having fun with LOTR, so even if things get fixed here, I'm going to be splitting my time between them. And if I enjoy the Old Republic even more so. Right now, even if things were fixed, I think I'd be playing more of LOTR... but that could just be because it's new and fresh.

In the unlikely event Dan Stahl is paying any attention to me or anyone else in this thread, I hope he looks at my case as an example. Not because of my own ego, or narcissism, or delusions of importance. But because 7 days ago he had me as a totally devoted and dedicated customer. All my time and money for video gaming went to his game, and nothing, nothing at all went to anything else.

Now at best, he's going to get half my time, very likely only a third of it. Maybe none of it. Maybe they'll address the problems here and I'll still be happier just playing something else.

And thing is, that loss of my support was totally unnecessary. I would have stayed on, playing like I was, without interruption, never bothering to check out his competitors, if he hadn't done this. It was senseless.

If it could happen to me, then it could happen to other customers too. That's what I hope he pays attention to, not for my sake, but for the sake of this game. They've crossed a line, I'm not ever going to be that loyal again. I don't matter much though, I'm just a number, right? But when enough of us are pushed over that line too, well then you start seeing different numbers. I hope lessons are learned here, because otherwise this is all going to happen again somewhere down the line. And again. and again. Just like it's happened before. Each time losing customers, generating ill will towards the studio and bad word of mouth about the game itself.

But hey, what do I know? I don't have any metrics.