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02-17-2013, 08:32 PM
Borticus: When will the following features be added to the doffs:

1- A way to search for KDF or FED doffs in exchange.

2- A way to visually or through text, know what doffs can be slotted more than once.
Ive lost a lot of money buying purple doffs only to find out the hard way I can only have one in active roster.

3- A doff that lowers timers on ground engineer building stuff abilities? Them timers be quite long.

4- A torpedo doff that increases 2ndary effect potency .. or a doff that speeds up heavy torps... or a doff that increases heavy torp damage based on weapon power? (per 25 wep power=+5% dmg)? We need something for weps have tons of doffs and torps have but one. There are torp-only ships out there you know .

Question about these doffs:

Boarding shuttle doffs... the doff that doubles the number of shuttles & the one that gives point defense turrets to them:

1- Will this also affect marauding shuttles?
2- Will the proc'd boarding party shuttles also be counted towards the 'chance to proc' for the doff that gives them point defense turrets?
3- Will tac buff abilities (omega/alpha/etc) buff the turrets of these shuttles?

Finally, a minor cosmetic request: Instead of point defense turret could you guys not simply give them a phaser/disruptor array S ? It would look a lot more cannon for shuttles to fire little beams rather than little popguns.

...come to think of it, now that we're talking boarding shuttles stuff... why cant we have two marauding shuttles in the 2-hangar bay carriers? . Why isnt boarding party 1 an ensign ability?

and btw, I suspect the birds of prey pets would fare a lot better if you removed the dinky turret and put a photon mine (chroniton for brolths) in there... because the turret fire is not forcing the bops to face the target as per the patch notes because turret 360 = the firing arc satisfies AI requirement (im guessing. fact is, bops are not facing the target any more now to use fore cannon than they did 2 weeks ago)

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