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02-17-2013, 08:36 PM
maybe same as abilities like BFI, that all captains get, APA should be something all captains get as they level. that would basically solve the problem of sci captains not being able to damage as well with 'THIER' sci skills, and make any eng shooting weapons less pointless. would just have to think up something else unique for a tac captain then. all the captain types should be at least partially geared for dealing damage, no mater what kind of captain they are they still carry a gun, and fly around is heavily armed starships. and the only thing you need in the PVE is damage, yet 2 out of 3 suck at it. the typical for mmo tank, dps, and control types is such a stupid thing to apply to a game about star trek, with no magic and starships made out of metal.
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