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02-17-2013, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
You really don't.
More than you know, bud.

Originally Posted by rooster75 View Post
'Moneycrunch' or not they are still in business to make money.
If they were out to make money, they wouldn't give out a free expansion. Especially since the majority of players are lifetimers (just look for those 700 Day tags).

Originally Posted by kyuui13 View Post
You're right, and most of us have. However, time, and time again, Things he's said have turned out to not be the case. I lost all faith in him, when he was 'forced' by TGN to admit to not telling us "the whole story" At some point you have to realize that the person can't be trusted for any reason. I, have hit that point.

My belief in him, cost me 300.00 Unfortunately for me, in the end, it wasn't the case.

Never, again.

We all got burned by their change of hearts, more some more than others (DTNE Contest to be a major example). But if we completely lose faith in Cryptic, then that's it for STO and Star Trek altogether. Since all we will get of official Star Trek is the new reboot movies for the next decade or so.
NO to ARC!

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