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02-17-2013, 09:49 PM
Originally Posted by djwashu View Post
Given that they made it 50% worse, I expect to get 750 of my Zen back.
Not spending another penny until they do something to beef it up. 60 seconds for half dmge makes the weapon a waste of a weapon slot. Its barely useful in its old form.

Just like the temporal weapon, players paid for this. I'm already on the fence about putting in zen for anything other than a ship. Now that is doubtful. Knowing they "tinker" with stuff like this, hurts trust that its money well spent. Imagine the backlash if they cut Jemmy bug hull and turn radius in half or took away fleet tac escort's 5th tac console slot . . . Doesn't matter if they can do it, its bad business. Definetly taking notes.