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02-17-2013, 09:08 PM
I can't see that happening.

They've been pretty vehemently against forcing anyone to pay for anything, even though that translates to "awful grind" as the alternative. Painful though it is, it's an incredibly generous business model, and one that so far seems to be working for them. I don't see them changed that now.

I think, if they make a for-pay expansion, it'll be an expensive Z-Store release. 5000+ Zen, easy. Lifers will get it automatically. Golds... well... I think, if they're going to take this route, they may make it so it doesn't unlock for Golds if they only pay for one month's sub. Instead it'll require making at least one payment on a longer-term recurring sub model, to skirt the whole "pay for one month and get everything" trick.