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02-17-2013, 09:20 PM
Originally Posted by themarie View Post
And this cuts to the heart of the matter.

Here's a suggestion: Folks want to earn fleetmarks for UGC yes? So find a way to tack them on to the rewards for running Spotlight missions.

That way there is some oversight and review for missions. The ones that pass muster (Review by Das Overflake or whoever ) issue fleet-marks and other "bonuses" as seen fit by whatever power reviews missions.

And THIS is the 800 Lb. gorilla in the room; The concept of "Playing as Intended"; we are only to do certain things within their planned framework that is SO restrictive, we are only allowed to use 4 sets for endgame and most new content has both a hard cap from rep marks AND a time cap limit.

Where's the fun in being corralled like cattle just to live up to an internal metric?