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02-17-2013, 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
STO is by design a themepark game.
I remember as a child going to Knott's Berry Farm. Myself, my brother, and a family friend went on the 'Log Ride' roughly 18 times in a row. It started out as awesome. There was hardly a line! After about the fifth or sixth time it became tedious, less about the experience and more about seeing how many times we could do it.

Currently this is how I feel about this game. It has become less about the actual experience and more about how many times we can do it before we get sick of it. If we continue 'riding the same ride' we get bored. We start to find new venues to relieve said boredom. Some it was 'farming' the IOR. Now some are finding new games.

I myself realized I have a month prepaid to play another game. It may not be the most fun game but the experience is different and much more enjoyable than the one I am currently getting from STO.

I hope that Stahl or whomever has the power to change things realizes what they are doing to this wonderful IP. Please people keep posting your disdain for the current state and direction this game is taking.

Anyway...Power to the People! Keep up The Good Fight!