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02-17-2013, 10:46 PM
Don't pick up the Odyssey because of the Aquarius. Although some disagree - I am guessing those that do are max spec'd for threat or something - the Aquarius is essentially a flying coffin.

IMO, for general use the tac Odyssey is by far the best of the three C-Store Odyssey hulls (sensor analysis in my experience is nowhere near as useful as others think it is, and in one PvP situation probably cost me the fight), but the Aquarius is the worst of the "extras." I'd say that the Odyssey mostly shines when it has the saucer sep available to it, and perhaps with the three-piece set. I use the set when I use my Odyssey.

But redoing my tactical toon I find myself preferring my Regent. In fact, I recently picked up the Fleet Assault Cruiser, so I likely will not be returning to the Odyssey on that toon in the foreseeable future. While it may be technically the "inferior" ship, with less hull, lower shields and one fewer console, the console is usually lost to a gimmick console, the endurance comes at the expense of maneuverability (that small amount of it can make all the difference in the world in KASE in my experience), and the wide-arc quantum torpedo adds an invaluable torpedo boost to broadside maneuvers. Also, in Elite STFs, random deaths happen often enough that separating the saucer can be a risk - get one-hit killed or have your shields stripped off at the one moment, and you're beaten and lose the saucer separation for 4-5 minutes, depending on if you have the whole set or not. The main "sticking point" I can see is that the Odyssey can be configured to be somewhat more tactical than the Regent, although if you are willing to give up science (and hopefully have someone to help you with Hazard Emitters) you can match that level of tactical BOff power with the Regent as well.

That said, I agree with the previous poster who said that you should consider what role you want to play. The Odyssey is certainly more versatile, and in its non-fleet versions the Regent is nowhere near the same tank-wise. However, the Assault Cruiser series seems to have certain levels of balance that other ships seem to lack, hence why they are favorites; that said, the Odysseys are popular due to tremendous versatility (and other reasons), so they are not to be discounted, either. I would have to say that the Regent is better at being a DPS-oriented tactical cruiser, whereas the Odyssey tilts more on the tankiness side of the equation with more room for versatility, especially with the three-pack, and if you have the saucer separation you have a high-maneuverability 'intense DPS' mode available.