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02-17-2013, 10:13 PM
Given the other targets of Developer "Attention" I'm really reluctant to call for it to be directed at my faction-of-choice. (Look at the Tau Dewa sector, New Romulus, the zig/zag/yo/yo of FM awards for Foundry, the rest of the buggy, dysfunctional/nonfunctional 'patches' and rampant NERFING and tell me you REALLY trust this Development team NOT to completely and utterly blow handling the KDF...seriously. How's that Engineering Team working out for ya??)

To be completely honest, the hints that Stahl dropped about the next big expansion being the fulfillment of SOME of the promises made 3 years ago regarding KDF has me looking forward in the sort of Anticipation one has when one sees a small child walking down the middle lane of a rush hour. I think the experience of S7 and Cryptic's utter and total lack of quality assurance, non-use of their own Test server data, (gathered by we, the players if and when it's available), resurrection of previously slain bugs, etc etc. justifies a pessimistic view and anticipation borne of Dread, not Joy, when they make an announcement of some new item/feature or Event.

ESPECIALLY if you're KDF as your main. I foresee that yet-another-grind will be added as (misnamed) Content, that it will be Dilithium heavy, long, with time-gates, and tedious after the first run-through. It will also be buggy, frequently malfunction, and will, like the S7 bugs, involve both NEW defects, and OLD ones.

All will be labeled "Working as intended" or addressed with excuses if/when the staff bothers to respond at all, and most of whatever DOES work, will be Nerfed heavily by the Dev team based on "Metrics".
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