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02-17-2013, 10:15 PM
Love my Odyssey, but the Aquarius is really just a toy and not a very good one. The Tac Oddy's big advantages over its Sci and Ops bretheren are the extra tac console and the +10 weapon energy, but those advantages are abilities the Regent also has. Ultimately what it comes down to is that if you get the Odyssey Tac, you'll get an account-wide ship with a 1.15 shield modifier, 2 universal boff slots, and 10 console slots standard. If you get the Regent, you'll get better turning and the wide-angle torpedo (the fart-bomb console is more a gimmick than a genuine tool), and while you can upgrade to a fleet version with a 1.1 shield and 10 consoles (including 4 tac consoles), that'll cost extra and you'll have to find a T5 shipyard to do it. Generally, for toughness and versatility and still a decent punch, the Odyssey is a better tool. For maximum emphasis on offense, the Regent is superior.