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10-06-2009, 11:28 AM
I completely agree with you, Marticus. I really, REALLY want to see this game become a major success and be the first Star Trek-related game to be overwhelmingly well-received by fans and critics alike. I don't expect it to de-throne WoW or anything like that, but it would sure be nice to give that amateurish cartoon of an MMO a run for its money (apologies to WoW fans...nothin' but love for ya ).

That is why I don't want Cryptic to hold off too long on starting their closed beta. We should have a good two months of closed beta time to really pound on the game and work out the kinks before open beta starts, when any last-minute clean-up or touch-up can be done and server stresses are really put to the test. If they are still aiming for Q1 2010, they can't afford to hold off much longer, and I wouldn't think pushing back the release date is a viable option.