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# 1 Underground Ruins Power Nodes
02-17-2013, 11:24 PM
When doing the Underground Ruins mission on New Romulus, one of my Bridge Officers accidentally triggered an overload of the Iconian geothermal power core. For some reason she didn't seem to concerned about it, despite the fact that an overload would destroy nearly all life on the planet, just like it did 150,000 years ago. But whatever...

I don't know how to stop the overload. From what I can see, I can't interact with any of the power nodes at all, and it seems all I have to do is kill Tholians until the timer reaches 0. The problem is when the Tholian Captain spawns, he uses a wide-area firebomb that instantly and simultaneously destroys all 4 power nodes. I don't see how anyone could possibly stop that. Is it even possible to save the power nodes?

This seems like a ridiculous optional on several levels. One, I don't see how to save the nodes from the Tholian Captain's special attack. Two, failing to save the node destroys New Romulus. Three, given the dire consequences of the overload, why is it optional, and why does my Bridge Officer seem so unconcerned about it? I mean, I would be ****ting my pants in fear at that point.

Any suggestions? I would like to redo this mission and complete the optional if possible.