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02-17-2013, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by f9thaceshigh View Post
yeah, unfortunately they won't let you make toons that look too close to canon characters, it's got to do with licensing the actor's likeness. In some of the species, they even block certain features that would allow you to make a toon that looks like that character. For example, vulcans don't have access to the hairstyles that look like Spock or Tuvok's hair, likewise, the Android Veteran BOFFs can't use the slicked back hair that looks like Data's, and Klingons can't wear Worf's hairstyle (although they can wear his forehead ridges).
I don't think that is intentional but simply a lack of tech. I've made plenty of characters that look a lot like canon copies, including an android with slicked-back hair. In fact, I have seen a very good facsimile of a Soong android running around and I think one of my borg bridge officers looks just about as close to Tasha Yar as Cryptic's "licensed" version.

The bottom line though is that not portraying the likeness of actors is part of the terms of service so Cryptic is probably not going to want its official forums to be used to promote tips on how to do it.

That is why I would like to see a third part sight where people can upload their creations.