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02-18-2013, 12:09 AM
The Regent is a very offense cruiser, and it has a universal boff slot, but the tactical odyssey has 2 universal slots, and it's a little tanky... but here are my thoughts

If you want a torpedo launcher that helps you vroadside with THY III, Get the Regent.
I am absolutely in love with mine and I even picked up the Fleet Regent. Granted I replaced the Metreon Gas Canisters with Theta Radiation Vents, but I absolutely love the Wide Angle Torpedo Launcher.

The Odyssey? Doesn't have the amount of Tactical consoles unlike the Regent, and you have to use the Lt Cmndr uni slot for Torp High Yield III

Yes you get a shield modifier of 1.15 with the Tac Odyssey, but if you really want to dish the pain, I highly sugget the Regent, then the Fleet Regent at a Tier V shipyard.

Just my two cents.