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02-18-2013, 12:23 AM
Tanadanat: I liked it, it was brief but enjoyable.

Gulberat: I liked it and it was really well written, I had to read it twice though trying to think of where it was.

Superhombre777: when i read in the forums what happened i initially didn't like the idea, but it was well done and felt right for the character and the time, so well done.

Jocelyn2: If that's the future i say we take of and nuke the entire site from orbit

Marcusdkane: It liked it, it's not the first time Marvel and star trek met, but for some reason i kept imaging stark talking more like Jameson. An enjoyable read none the less.

Cmdrscarlet: It was too short for my tastes, but that's only because it really brings you in and leaves you wanting to know what happened to lead up to it as well as what happened after.