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02-18-2013, 01:02 AM
Also in the roster there seems to be a weird issue where the table starts out with all column optimized for width (according to content) and then suddenly they all revert back to the same width.

I second the ingame mail suggestion. Also:
  • Fleet chat access
  • View and contribute to fleet assets
  • DOff assignments*
  • View upcomming events (Mining, Academy, etc.)

For the DOff suggestions I see two problems: being limited to just the region you logged off in, and where to put rewards if your inventory is full.

It would be nice if the gateway could provide access to the assignments in all the accessible locations but I am aware that this would need to be protected against misuse. If it's too powerful/convenient it would compete with the actual game. Obviously as a first step it would already be very cool and useful to just have access to the current location, ship and department assignments. Later there could perhaps be an option to change the current location but that would block the gateway DOff interface for an appropriate amount of time to simulate travel.

As for the full inventory issue there could be an overflow area to hold things until the player logs in again. Naturally the overflow would be "take only" as to prevent misuse as additional storage
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