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10-06-2009, 12:06 PM
Looking for someone who's played a lot of MMOs, huh?

WoW, of course, before Burning Crusade came out and ruined crafting for me. Never went back.
*********, before it became clear that Pay-to-Play was so horribly imbalanced and brokenly powerful that Free-to-Play was a waste of time. I hear it's even worse now.
Dabbled in 9Dragons, Perfect World, Ragnarok Online, LOTR Online, NeoSteam, and other "Korean MMOs." Dropped them all because of GrindFail.
Was present during the Hellgate: London launch, and was utterly unsurprised to see it crash and burn.
Played a little Tabula Rasa, dropped it because of endless warfare burnout. Also, requiring exploration to gain access to critical class skills was GameplayFail.
Played in Runes of Magic before the Death Penalty drove me away. I hear it's much improved now.
Guild Wars, all four expansion/chapters. Still my all-time fav.
Recently joined DND Online. Liking the gameplay, bemoaning the slow leveling. In other words, hooked like a fish.