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02-18-2013, 01:48 AM
I had the wierdest dream this morning about having gone back in time 10 years. I'm sure it's because of reading the latest LCs, and a conversation on FB where I said that if I could go back and do things differently, I would... So what would I do differently...

1. I would have the cojones to ask out the girl who used to come into the videostore where I worked who was definitely interested in me (I was just too chicken**** to act on it)

That would put me in a relationship at the time when I was single, so I would behave differently on a tattoo forum, and likely then not get glandular fever. That would mean that I would continue working in an office for a bit longer (although that company would still eventually close) so I would take up the offer to learn how to tattoo, which would mean that when the office closed, I would simply become a tattoo artist. If life was then to be 'stable', I would likely remain in my home town with Laura (can't remember her surname, but that's probably for the best, as it prevents facebook contact) with a stable career, and all my friends around me...

Yes, I would willingly give up my current life/family/relationship to have that alternate life. The last 10 years would have been much easier...