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Yes, Egosoft games are buggy, but you can really tell how they care about the players of their games. I believe Terran Conflict was even made with the help of some of the main amateur developers who created major mods like Reunion XTended. They also give regular updates on the development of X-Rebirth, and even poll fans on certain design decisions. The modding scene is openly supported and encouraged, and the community bind together to make playing the X-series a great experience.
True, though I'm pretty sure they just knew talent when the saw it in the XTended team and offered some of them jobs. Don't be too sure they listen to their fans more than Cryptic does though; they've made many controversial decisions about the evolution of their games, and have stuck to their guns every time, regardless of how much the community protested.

The modding community is pretty awesome though; there's some first rate fan made stuff available for those games, and Egosoft does go to great lengths to support it. It's probably one of their greatest strengths.
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