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There should have been and i thought there was, but i must have missed putting it in. And yeah, if i knew the limit per post, i would have loved to add in more of a "did A happen because of B or did B happen Because of A" theme as well as go into more of what happened to make Johnson act out. I'll probably edit my personal copy of it to flesh it out better.
As above, that was the only bit that threw me, when I thought "He's back in the room " but other than that, it was a fantastic entry. I think anything else to it would have probably overly complicated it and detracted from it's simplicity, which I think was what made it so good

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Marcusdkane: It liked it, it's not the first time Marvel and star trek met, but for some reason i kept imaging stark talking more like Jameson. An enjoyable read none the less.
Thanks Yeah, that makes sense about the Jameson comparison... All I had to go on, was the footage of him in Iron Man II where he was goofing to the camera before getting serious... I read the TNG/X-Men crossover novel (and wish I hadn't) I just figured Stark Industries would be the best company in the 60s to build Starfleet-grade technology (my other alternative, was for them to have contacted Thomas Newton at World Enterprises )