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02-18-2013, 03:19 AM
The Regent and Tac Oddy are two very different ships. I'll go over them (since I own both) and tell what they are good for, and what they aren't good for.

Starting off with the Regent, this ship is basically an upgraded Sovereign. It has a decent Tactical layout for it's BOffs, but has no starting science BOff. This can be compensated for by making your Universal Lieutenant slot be science. It has a 3/4/2 console layout, skewed in the direction of tactical and engineering. It has decent hull strength, decent turn rate, and decent inertia. Overall, she's a strong choice. Simple, easy to understand, moderately easy to use.

The Tactical Odyssey on the other hand... well, she's an Odyssey. She has wonderful hull strength, a great shield mod, and a very balanced 3/4/3 layout, skewed towards engineering, but equal in science and tactical. Adding on to that, her BOff layout is very very versatile, with the Universal LtCmdr and Universal Ensign. Her starting BOff slots are Lieutenant Tactical and Science, with a Commander Engineering. So with her universal slots, you can give her a LtCmdr Tactical, and you have that Ensign to strengthen another area on her. But that's where her positives end. She suffers from the same problem all Odyssey class ships do. Her turn rate is terrible, as is her inertia rating. By herself, the Tactical Odyssey is not a great ship. She has the potential, but by herself... not so much.

However... if you get the Odyssey 3-pack, all of a sudden, the Odyssey becomes VASTLY superior to the Regent. Reason being? Two words: Chevron Separation. This console comes with the Operations Odyssey, and it basically takes your Odyssey, separates your saucer which hits your hull and shields a little, reduces your power levels slightly (-10 to shields and aux... which does hurt a little), but in return, gives you 10% impulse power (can fly faster), an additional +10 to your weapons power setting (very important, especially for beam boats), and increases your base turn by 8. It also gives you a non-controllable pet that has two mk X white phaser BAs, a tractor beam, and an ET1, which it uses on itself and occasionally you. Basically, you become quite nimble, and have stronger teeth, with a little buddy following you around. This alone makes her stronger than the Regent. But as I stated, you need another of the Odysseys to do it, and by herself, the Tactical Odyssey really isn't that great.

The Aquarius Escort Console is frankly quite useless. The Aquarius will launch, do some great damage for a little bit, then fly too close to a warp core breach and die. Yeeeeah... not really that impressive. The Saucer from Chevron Sep has the tendency to do the same, but even if it dies, you can still fly around without it and keep your bonuses.

Additional Note:
Like the Aquarius console, the Chevron sep has a 5 minute cooldown, so if you die, you will lose all the advantages you had with it for 5 minutes. Also is prone to randomly bugging...
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