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part of the amusement - as well as the ability to find people engaging in roleplay - while playing STO stems from the ability to read the personal record of other people.

You know, clicking that little "i" on their portrait / ship icon or right clicking and hitting "info".

Since a few maintenances ago, this will not load (all) the data or even the portrait of the character in question on the new window that then pops up. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it loads it partially.

I could not establish any rhyme or reason to it, and there is no pattern that I could observe.

My ping to the server with a tracert is <120ms with no packet loss, and I am experience no other issues playing.

Is this a known problem? Has it been reported (and if not, where to report it to?)? Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks a lot for your assistance!