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02-18-2013, 03:05 AM
Giving more offensive BO abilities to TAc BOs would only increase the escorts online phenomenon.

Sci and Eng need offensive choice, otherwise i don't see how APO as the resits all, lovely defense buff gets to stay in the Tac department. (same thing could be said for APD). The original design seems to have intended for all Cmdr. Slots to have offensive and defensive choices. I think that we should stick with this design. Hybrid BO layout would sufffer greatly, if we go with your proposal in my view.

The problem is the lack luster performanice of things like AB (to much CD), sci resists, and the poor performance of single beams, and the beam boosting eng powers. Fix these and there ll be a place for all beam sci healer (eng/sci)

As ddis points out, tac/sci is poorly balanced compared to sci/sci. fix sci boost and resists and we have viable sci/sci build that do things in pve and pvp.

nerf escort defense via tacteam and apo and we suddenly have all classes and ships back in game.
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