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Originally Posted by rhblazedell1 View Post
I don't know about you but I went with this mod to the layout

Forward: 2x Dual Phaser Cannons 1x Phaser Quad Cannons, 1x Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo
Rear: 3x Phaser Turrent

I really like the Quad Cannons (feels more like the Defiant) and Dual Cannons have less weapon power drain so it can fly a bit more in a balanced vs attack. that's just me
True but the Quads drain your engine power, which in turn is dropping your defence.

Which will be OK if you are running STF's in premades where you have people keeping aggro from you, however if you are PUG'ing it the drop in defence when you pick up aggro can be a significant factor towards going kaboom.
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