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02-18-2013, 03:31 AM
here is another comparison to show why RA ships are obsolete compared to fleet ships.

Once you reach RA admiral each player is awarded a new ship, which has superior stats compared to the captain lvl ship.
Since the jump from captain lvl to RA is quite significant (Boff slots, console slots) nobody would ever get the idea to progress further in his captain level ship. So actually you can delete your captain level ship to make room for other ships.
While the jump from a T5 (9 console ship) to a fleet ship (or 10 console ship) is not that big of a leap, it still is a major improvement compared to the previous ship you had...which makes the T5 ship you had obsolete.
And considering the relative low cost (not talking about real money, just EC or dilithium) of a fleet ship compared to a lockbox ship or even a c-store ship (which mostly only come in 9 console versions anyway) it makes absolutely no sense for a half decent player to keep flying around in an outdated T5 ship. There are maybe 3 exceptions, the guramba for instance which has a build in ability that is immensly usefull.

Also for the record, i do not PUG that much anymore. When i do, i exclusively do infected space elite...where i can compensate for atleast 2 captain kirk rainbow cruisers.
Also i never forced any tactics on anybody...i expect people to know what to do when they join an elite stf.
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