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02-18-2013, 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post

In these missions it's a race to blow up as many enemies in as little time as possible, preferably denying your team members their kills in the process.

I find myself alpha striking things that other players have just lined up their shots for, just to make sure they don't get the damage count for those ships - and feel kind of bad about it afterwards, because I know it annoys me to no end if people do that when I'm running a cruiser/sci ship.

The thing is, more stats can easily be tracked, as demonstrated in the PvP scoring tables and the various damage-taken and -healed accolades. So, even if scoring based on team-wide effort is out of the question, it should be doable to create a scoring method that is slightly fairer to people flying non-escorts or Kar'fi's.
If I designed Gorn minefields reward structure it would be the following:

Ditch this stupid 'competetive teamwork' thing - Its rediculous, everyone should be rewarded for the mission equally as it is a team effort, no matter what the devs seem to think..

However, base the team rewards on a new factor:

-Deaths incurred
-heals given by others
-Time taken (based on type of ships in match - 5 escorts would get less time to get the top prize than say, 4 cruisers and a sci ship)
-bonuses, such as taking out x aceton assimilators (maybe customised to really punish using energy weapons on them, ect), or wiping out x amount of carrier pets, catching x targets in one grav well,

Just spitballing ideas but sto needs to ditch this competetive teamwork dps race it seems fixated upon and introduce new ways to rewarding those who do the tasks few else do and so make a good chunk of stos many modes more viable and rewarding for others