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02-18-2013, 06:16 AM
I've temporarily dry-docked my Gal-X while I wait for my promised Saucer Seperation, but I never had any problems with the lance. Yeah, it misses sometimes and that is sad, but when it hits she hits plenty hard. Not quite as hard as my Gumby lance, but hard enough considering I'm not running an attack pattern and I'm down a tac console, and the fact that I can pop out of cloak and fire it with a 15% damage boost.\

The Gal-X is a fine ship, just that people expect too much from her. They want to go about one shotting Neg'Vars all match like in the show. It's not going to happen. They want her to move like an escort. It's not going to happen (unless we get saucer sep) She isn't an escort, she isn't a Klingon Battle Cruiser, she is a big cruiser capable of some high burst once in a while. She was never meant to be a DPS machine. She is a large tank/healer with a burst ability. If people would fly the ships as they were designed instead of wanting them to be other ship types they would be more happy with their ships in general. Seems like if every ship isn't some sort of escort or battle cruiser clone they are worthless... Only to those who are too short sighted.
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