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02-18-2013, 06:21 AM
Interesting read through this thread. It would seem that everyone has different likes in weaponry but like some of the replies said, it all boils down to each person's liking.
For instance I personally like the Tetryon's as they do shield damage. I disagree with the fact that they are the weakest weapons because I actually had them all and found out that they all do the exact same damage when all the appropriate equipment is applied or depending on the modifiers they have. As far as torpedoes go, I favor the Transphasics as they do shield penetrating damage. My load out is two mkXI rapid reload transphasics coupled with two mkXI tetryon dual beam banks up front with two mkXI tetryon beam arrays and one mkXI croniton torpedo launcher and one breen transphasic clustor torpedo launcher in the rear. With all the skills and gear that I have, I do considerable amount of damage. I also favor the resiliant shields as they only have a 5% bleed through. This all works well in PvE as I have yet done any PvP so I have no idea how I would fair in that respect. I also have the Odyssey class cruiser as I favor the cruiser class.

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