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02-18-2013, 06:59 AM
Some things you says are true, and I agree the KDF need some love, but many of them are simply not true or rumors.
Ground vehicle ? Map are too small, and not designed for them. Imagine a ground vehicle in the academy, it would simply be pointless.

Colors ? Red and black are KDF colors, while blue and white are feds. Feds may complain they don't have a lot of red and black.

New faction ? Nobody is sure about it. As far as I know, it will probably be some romulan based missions with Sela's return.

NOT ALL KDF IS KDF ? Gorn where invaded by the Empire. They are now vassals. I fail to see how some species may "don't like Klingons" while still working with them in the missions. All the Empire races are either part of the Empire, or allies, alien not included. But yeah, I agree they lack costumes, including the mercenary costume.

Science vessel ? I think there is several reason why they are not available for klingon. If they where, they would have cannons, because all klingon ship have cannons. It would make vesta-like ship available for free for klingons, while feds have to pay for it. Or you may remove cannon, but Klingons will complain because that would be the only klingon ship without cannons.
Also, the Klingons have no love for scientists and science vessel. Maybe add them as part as another faction, but not klingon.

Finally, even if the feds have more ships, Cryptic already said several of the KDF ship didn't sold enough to make it for the cost. This is a problem to see more KDF ship. They are sure to make money with feds ships, while they are not with KDF.