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Cmdrscarlet: It was too short for my tastes, but that's only because it really brings you in and leaves you wanting to know what happened to lead up to it as well as what happened after.
That is extremely fair and thank you!

To be frank, as much as I enjoy writing, I am a little loathe to write an intro and wrap up. The main reason being the message board medium. I like just getting into the body of the event, throw some phrases that may/should catch up the reader, then exit with the intent that the reader can finish the story on their own.

That's not to say my way is better than everyone else's work at all. Everyone's contribution get me through my lunch breaks at work and inspire me to stay creative for Kathryn and the Solaris But for me, I am deliberately leaving out details for the sake of the topic. I have not developed my character(s) enough to be able to put a more cogent piece together, yet Kathryn is being built with these LCs and there is a Grand Story (tm) in my head.

Admittedly, I was tempted to back out of this challenge because time travel is inherently messy and I'm not enough of a philosopher to "get it right" (the loops from The Terminator assault my intelligence and Start Trek already abuses temporal activities enough ... imho). At the same time, something is tickling me to write more before this session closes because its not enough.
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