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Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
Science vessel ? I think there is several reason why they are not available for klingon. If they where, they would have cannons, because all klingon ship have cannons. It would make vesta-like ship available for free for klingons, while feds have to pay for it. Or you may remove cannon, but Klingons will complain because that would be the only klingon ship without cannons.
Also, the Klingons have no love for scientists and science vessel. Maybe add them as part as another faction, but not klingon.
Take a look at the descriptions for the Federation and Klingon scientists on character creation and you'll notice they have little to nothing in common.
The same would be true for the application of a Klingon science ship: there's no need to think of it exclusively in the sense of "research".
There are more military-focused terms that can easily be used in this context like "electronic warfare", "military intelligence"...or in short "military scouts".
I made a thread with an (admittedly very long) list of pros and cons along with a propsal how such a thing could work here: