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Hello! I am General S'kaa of the Gorn Hegemony and I am here to tell you why the Empire needs attention! If you just going to bring this down, go back to the FEDs and stop bugging us mature people who honestly just want more for thier money here on the Empire.



Well here is kinda a double sided thing. I will break it down into sections.


Ah yes, the wonders of the small selection of ships that are actually free. Let me see... ah Yes , Raptor 100% for Tacticals, Battle Cruiser 100% Engineer and BOP 100% Universial. And the main problem here is 1: Selection for all you get is they same ship beefed up and 2: NO SCIENCE VESSLES!!!!!!! The only free one you get is at LvL 40 (BG) and its a carrier! I mean sure carriers are good but to have to wait 20 lvls just to get a Science based ship is just sad!


Ah yes.. this too. Here is a General Idea... Last ZEN Ship? May 2013. Last Fed Ship for ZEN: December But there is more... with this fact in mind, KDF is sparce on LG Ships. 3 Regular, 1 Pack of 3. FEDs = 8 Regular and 2 Packs of 3 So mostly KDf = 6 LG Ships and FED = 14 LG Ships... THATS MORE THAN 2x THE AMOUNT! (This is NOT including other ranks)


And we can not forget that new ship comming out this week (2/17/13>2/23/13) on Federation with (OMG) Side Facing Weapon Slots. On that note, very unfair to KDF.


Well to make it short... some or most KDF ships are nerfed! Borstaqu is one (See talk on page 2). And I know there are some other ones as well that got into the deepest part of Grethor for Nerfs (For Gorn, Being with the Great Father)


Now, I know I have heard rumors of there being lvl 1-50 for KDF. I do trust Cryptic.. but they say May, I belive they wont. The only reason I say this is because think of how long the Borg Mission: Into the Hive took to air. And other thing, why plan this 2 years after made anyways? It is like annoying on so many levels that this wasnt done before. But also, lets not forget a big problem.. Missions...


Well this is short and sweet! KDF=8 Missions to Self - FED=Countless Missions (Like Round 50) And also by looking at this, they have things that are enemies to BOTH factions, yet KDF can't do it. I know that the LvL MIGHT come for KDF but how do we know if it gonna be good quality, good quanity, and more missios for lvls 20-50.

Travel and Land

KDF Can not get to Cardassian Space without going to Deferia Space. FEDs Just waltz over border. Also, KDF has no other Social planets but Qo'nos and Gandala. Lastly, KDF is an Empire, NOT a Colony. Spread them out more.




With how you make KDF, people do play less on it, but don't use THAT excuse. And you know thoses Klingon Only Queues? They take forever to load. That is also a Big Problem we have.

New Faction!?!??!?!?!?!

I really do trust Cryptic but some things just lets me out of the trust. They are planning to do so for KDF before Romulans but you got to remember.... we think different after the promises made long times ago. And if you do make things for us quickly to try to get a new faction, we know or belive it will be nerfed. You really got to up your ancy with this. If we don't trust you now, how can we trust you in May? You will gain our trust if you show you are really going to work hard on KDF. I hope to see it soon.

If you have more things that is unfair for KDF vs FED or want to continue topics please post below in Red
Side Attractions

Costumes 3 Topics


Remember this: In the Empire, people are not fond of it. They don't like Klingons and are discrete from thier own race. Get some more racial costumes. Things like for Gorn, Orion, etc.


Kinda more of a basic thing for Character Creator and Costume Changer (Tailor) For example, I have a Gorn Character. I am 9ft tall and Bulky. I see other Gorn NPCs 12ft tall and extreme bulk (Holdch) and 12ft tall that looks like Gorn Playable now. (Raw'qu) all I would love to look like. I now feel small as a Gorn to know I cant be as Big as other Gorns. (From sander233) > Gorn are in thier PRIME at 9 Feet tall. This needs a lot of work by that standard.
Same for other races. Some have features that NPC's cant. I would like to see this for a nice touch to RP and fun.


The Colors we have make me wanna barf. Its all mucky brown and dark.. try adding some newer colors... but still keep the ones we have now.

For Both KDF and FED- Ground Vehicles

I mean who wants to walk all the time? It just gets annoying... I think it be nice to have Ground Vehicles so we can have fast land commute AND be that they have specifical race ones. Maybe factional depending on your budget but still.

starchaos' idea Well you are right about teleporting... but we can only teleport to single handedly placed areas.... not just anywhere. That woudl be nicer than ground vehicles. Thank you for that comment.


Well to be honest, some homeworlds are just not acsess able.. and being only about 5 to 6 races, I am sure it is possible to do so... For some Feds have homeworlds in them.

Gorn Homeworld

With this, I hate that all you say is "Gorn Homeworld" for there is a true name for the Gorn Homeworld: Gornar Try t make this so cause every other race but this one is blanked out. I tink there may be others but I use Gorn as a starting point for 1: Most my chars and 2: They are treated worst than the Empire is treated.

If you have any other special ideas please post below in Green
Very wel lsaid.

Cryptic should listen and start to take serious steps.