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02-18-2013, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by deamy View Post
Hi, two questions:

What's the best option for a Fleet Defiant R:

Fleet Elite Phasers - or - Fleet Adv. Antiprotons?


3 x DHC - or - 2 x DHC + 1 DC/Quad?
If you play PvE only, the Fleet Advanced Antiprotons.

If you play PvP, none of the above.

As for the layout, I'd say the Quad cannons are on par with Mk XII weapons. If you already got it, you might as well us it. Save yourself some dilithium and fleet credits to buy other things.

Originally Posted by stephend1 View Post
True but the Quads drain your engine power, which in turn is dropping your defence.

Which will be OK if you are running STF's in premades where you have people keeping aggro from you, however if you are PUG'ing it the drop in defence when you pick up aggro can be a significant factor towards going kaboom.
It only drains your engine levels when you're firing. And you only need impulse 24 to get the maximum defense amount. I run 52/30, so it would drop my impulse speed below 24, but a lot of folks run their engine power level at a higher value, so it wouldn't be as bad.