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Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
Gulberat: I liked it and it was really well written, I had to read it twice though trying to think of where it was.
Thanks. I felt that a subtle approach was called for because imposing too much from the fictional world upon something still so recent was a difficult proposition at best.

Another note. Alyosha was raised as a Russian, but at least if one good thing did come out of how Earth turned out in the Trek universe, it is that he reacted to that time and place the same as he would have to any disaster or attack or place of suffering in Russia's history or anywhere in Earth's history. That people would soon suffer...that was enough for it to have that meaning to him. That it was "not my nation" didn't matter, nor did any other "stuff" that has built up in our time, nor did anything that might be in the history books by the 25th century.

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