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02-18-2013, 10:42 AM
If a ship can do the job you need it to do, it isn't obsolete. This is especially true if it is more efficient than another ship that seems to be better.

Most of the ships people are claiming to be obsolete are being compared to ships that are not in the same frame of reference. A Z-store ship making a normal ship obsolete is simply Z-store owners wanting to justifiy their purchases, while claiming a Z-store ship that costs less than another Z-store ship is obsolete because of the more expensive ship is also simply people trying to play down ships other than what they have decided to own. And to claim a general-availablity ship is made obsolete by a ship only available through special deals or expired offers is somewhat misleading, as obtaining these 'ships that replaced x' may not be possible (therefore making the idea they replaced anything false).

To truely make a ship obsolete, the two ships must be the same source type (regular, Z-store, Fleet), and have the same price range/requirements to fly. Comparing an Exploration-Retro to an Odyssey is inaccurate, as one costs 5000 Z points less, so it is expected the lower cost ship would perform below the more expensive one.

Ultimately, each person decides for themselves which ship in their own inventories are obsolete to them. I fly a Galaxy-Retro, but I think I could match an Odyssey-Ops in almost any mission I do, so to me the ship is not obsolete. Another person whose focus is only on PVP might consider the same ship obsolete because it doesn't offer four Tactical console and BOFF slots, but that doesn't make it so for anyone else. I'll be happy to demonstrate just how well my 'obsolete Galaxy-R' heals other ships compared to any other ship in the game, if it comes to it.

My own two cents.

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