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02-18-2013, 09:52 AM
Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
I'm using Windows Vista with Firefox 18.0.2 and got this message over the weekend when visiting the login page. The link did take me to my list of Captain's.
We reorganized some of the URLs in Gateway, so as long as this problem does not persist I think it's expected.

Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
Something else that I keep forgeting to report regards switching from Fed Captains to a KDF Captain the first time. The UI drops for about 10 seconds. Gateway text - gray on black - collects to the left of screen. Then the proper, red UI pops into place and everything if fine. Switching back and forth is smooth going forward. Only happens the very first time a KDF Captain is selected. This has actually been the case for me since Tribble.
Hmmm. We haven't seen that ourselves, but it sounds like the initial load of the Klingon assets (pictures and so on) is slow for you. Once they load up, it redraws correctly. We'll take a look at that; I wouldn't expect then to load slowly.