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I for one am tired of getting copy/paste versions of federation ships.

Instead, this is what I would've wished the devs would have made and release alongside the kumari: A unique featured KDF ship.

Ship class: Hybrid (KDF equivalent to multi-mission cruisers...we get hybrid raptors!)

Mogh Class Advanced Raptor.

The Mogh Class advanced raptor is a hybrid in all forms. It combines the aggressiveness in firepower of a raptor with the speed and ambush of a bird of prey. As a further hybridization, this ship also contains elements of science ships and cruisers in its design.

Features: Battle Cloak,Universal Boff Stations (Cmdr & 3 Lt Cmdr slots), Bird Of Prey shields & speed, Raptor Hull & turn rate, native subsystem targeting (sci element), native boarding party 1 (unique cruiser element) +5 to all power levels (cruiser element), 500 crew (sci/cruiser element). Can equip cannons.

Unique Feature: Lance weapon that charges up only when ship cloaked and that can only be fired 5s after decloak. Lance weapon beam is antiproton damage type. Charge time: 45 seconds.

Weapon loadout: 3 fore, 3 aft (sci element), fore lance (unique).

Unique Console: Inertial Disruptor.

Activating the console creates a 5km bubble around the ship that for 15 seconds warps inertia stats on ship within the bubble: their is inertia increased tremendously so no ship can change vector and their turn rate is reduced to thruster-level. Ship emitting the bubble only receives penalty to vector change but it can still turn the nose around at its normal rate. In essence, everyone inside the bubble cannot change vector and only the bubble-emitting ship can turn the nose around while inside the effect.

This ship would be unique to KDF in the sense that it would be only ship in the game to have elements from all ship types yet not receive an overpowering advantage.

From Birds of Prey: Universal Stations, shields, speed.
From Raptors: Hull, turn rate.
From Science ship: weapon slots, native subsystem targeting & crew size.
From cruisers: +power bonus, native boarding party (c'mon this is quite klingon!).

The unique console and unique ability of inertia disruption and lance work hand in hand with each other. The inertia disruption allows this ship to perform attacks on ships with its lance weaponry and abilities while they are unable to change facing or vector.