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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Just be careful groundside, since klingons do more damage in ground! MBUAHAHAH!!! sweet, sweet revenge for not having anything fed-unique.
As a tactical officer, I much prefer the Romulan tactical BOFFs on my Fleet Defiant.

I have 3 Romulan Tactical, 1 Saurian Engineer, and 1 Human Science. Maybe I might switch the Engineer back to a Human, since I'm only getting 1 extra power to my Aux system with the Saurian.

On my KDF character, I fly a B'rel Retrofit and intend on using all Romulan BOFFs (2 Tactical, 1 Engineering, and 1 Science). Hopefully they will fix the perma-cloak bug, so I can see how well the BOFF layout works out.

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